What is the minimum purchase?

$1. Yes, that’s right, $1.

What is on demand delivery?

The minute you check out, your order is immediately processed, packed and delivered as fast as possible.

What is the delivery distance?

From 1 metre to 7km.

Is there a cut-off time?

No. You can order all day, any time as long as the store is still open. So you better can them quick!

Who packs my order?

The store owners themselves.

What if something is missing?

We will investigate the issue within 48hrs and return with a resolution.

What if something is out of stock?

You’ll be notified immediately with a call from the store owner.

What if I live in a confusing location?

Write a note to the driver with clear instructions in dot points.

Wait, what if I have 100 more questions to ask?

Drop us an email at alfred@alfred.store